Daily Devotionals

He Has Magnified His Word, Psalm 138:2

Wisdom Granted In The Hour Of Need, by F.B. Meyer

Dan 2:14-35, 17 Then Daniel went to his house, and made the decision known to Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, his companions, 18 that they might seek mercies from the God of heaven concerning this secret, …19 Then the secret was revealed to Daniel in a night vision. So Daniel blessed the God of heaven.

The action of Daniel in this supreme crisis is very instructive. He reckoned absolutely on God, and in his chivalrous endeavor to save the lives of the aged men, the heads of the college in which he had been trained. He never doubted that God would be His stay. A prayer meeting was convened to ask for the merciful interposition of the God of heaven, and at its close Daniel seems to have lain down to sleep in unwavering faith.

In this act we are reminded of Jesus sleeping amid the storm. Only a heart so pure and true, so trustful and godly, could have slept within the shadow of so terrible a menace. It was in a night-vision that he beheld the majestic procession of empire, from the gold of absolute monarchy to the clay and metal of constitutional government. Note Daniel’s care to give all the glory to God and to take the humble position of the mere channel through which the divine message was transmitted to the king.

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