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Welcome to a community of Christian podcasters that desires to provide “soul-feeding” programming that addresses various topics, and issues in our culture with the center focus on the gospel of Christ, its truth, and its application. The Stop and Think About It Podcast can be accessed here.

The Reformed Rookie is lead by Anthony Uvenio, husband, father, church elder and podcaster of the Reformed Rookie Podcast. He desires to share the richness and beauty of reformed theology with beginners in order to promote and preserve Calvinism for future generations.

OnePassion Ministries is the preaching & teaching ministry of Dr. Steven J. Lawson and exists to ignite a supreme passion for God and His glory in all people throughout the world. Soulfishing Ministries has been personally impacted through the expository training this ministry offers through The Expository Preaching Institutes, The Expositor Magazine, and The Expositor Podcast.

If you’re weary of the typical fluffy Christian radio broadcasts, you’ll find Iron Sharpens Iron addresses a multitude of topics from a distinctly Reformed Christian worldview. Chris Arnzen asks the right questions, presents guests who have the answers, and continually challenges Christians to apply their faith to every aspect of their lives. Soulfishing Ministries interview.

Living Waters exists to inspire and equip Christians to fulfill the Great Commission. It does this by train the members of Christ’s Body in the principles of biblical evangelism and to provide them with practical tools to proclaim the gospel.

The Evidence Bible is a tool that that helps equip believers to enrich your trust in God and His Word, deepen your love for the truth, and enable you to evangelize the lost, especially impacting those you care about, and defending the faith you cherish (Jude 1:3; 1 Peter 3:15).

A website with free tools such as commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and various versions of the Bible. We recommend using more Reformed commentaries as well as Precept Austin Website which is a similar website with good Bible tools Consult your pastor if you have questions.

A website that has 605,716 Bible Questions Answered! Soulfishing Ministries does not endorse every answer, especially the end times views of gotquestions.org, but for the most part it is a sound website. Sam Waldron has a more biblical view on End Times Theology by Sam Waldron.

A tool that families can use to know by you go, or watch a movie. This examines movies from a more biblical perspective. Consult your pastor or another mature believer as well, if they are familiar with the movie.

Alpha and Omega Ministries is a Christian apologetics organization that addresses various topics in the field of apologetics, including debating with those of various religious persuasions. Dr. White also has some very good debates with Muslims, Roman Catholics, and other non-Christian groups that are available as well.

An online website for the defense of the Christian Gospel, doctrine, and theology lead by Matthew Slick. CARM analyzes religious, non-religious movements and cults compares them to the Bible.

God is not on trial, man is. A website devoted to debunking the ludicrous mindset that man needs evidence to prove God exists, based on using Romans 1. A great sight to point the “professing atheist” to.

You got out tract! Osteen Outreach @ Yankee Stadium – Interested in a sound biblical church, with sound biblical gospel teaching. Check out our list of healthy biblical churches.