Daily Devotionals

He Has Magnified His Word, Psalm 138:2

What Truth Is After

Tit 1:1 Paul, a servant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ, for the sake of the faith of God’s elect and THEIR KNOWLEDGE FOR THE TRUTH, which accords with godliness.

In the book of Titus, Paul introduces himself as a devoted servant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ. His purpose is to strengthen the faith of God’s chosen people and to provide them with the knowledge that aligns with godliness. Our service to God is based on the level of faith we have, which is developed through hearing and understanding the teachings of the Lord. The knowledge we acquire about the truth further nourishes our faith, enabling us to carry out our responsibilities with godly conduct.

It is important to note that our faith does not make us chosen by God; rather, it confirms that we are already part of His elect. Our actions and deeds serve as evidence of our faith and demonstrate that we have been chosen by God and brought to believe in Christ. This pursuit of truth ultimately leads us to exalt the supremacy of Christ.