Daily Devotionals

He Has Magnified His Word, Psalm 138:2

Prayer Of The Distressed

Psa 40:1 …I waited patiently for the LORD, (a)

It is not clear where David was and what he was facing. He expresses what he felt and how he addressed his situation. From this vs I extract two important keywords “waited” and “patiently”. To “wait” is associated with prayers, serving the Lord and not being spectators. “Patiently” is associated with enduring Faith, resting in God while waiting in expectation. This means with calmness or composure; without discontent or murmuring.

There was a distress “cry” sent up to God for help that seemed long delayed. There was a prolonged waiting in agony of prayer that deliverance would come. He shows us his humble dependent upon God and his believing expectations from Him in those depths of prayer. David expected relief only from God and in that he prayed. When it delayed, he added patience without frustrations. There is power enough in God to help the weakest, and grace enough in God to help the unworthiest to be on hold position for those that trust in Him. Those whose expectation is from God may wait with assurance.

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