Daily Devotionals

He Has Magnified His Word, Psalm 138:2

Cross Examining Self

Jhn 9:26-27, 26 Then they said to him again, “What did He do to you? How did He open your eyes?” 27 He answered them, “I told you already, and you did not listen. Why do you want to hear it again? Do you also want to become His disciples?”

The defendant spent a considerable amount of time on the witness stand defending the facts of his healing case. Having grown weary of their inquiries, he decided to turn the tables and cross-examine the doubters. Despite having already explained his side of the story, they refused to listen. Surprisingly, their apparent interest in comprehending the situation prompted him to inquire whether they wanted to become his disciples.

In this world, there exist two types of individuals who seek knowledge. The first type earnestly pursues the truth, regardless of where it may lead them, and willingly follows it. The second type, however, seeks to undermine and discredit anything that is real and true, simply because they are offended by the truth. How often do we encounter people who claim that they will only believe in God if He were to physically manifest Himself, as they hold a deep skepticism towards the Bible? Yet, even if God were to appear before them, they would still find ways to discredit Him. This is precisely what occurred in this situation; the very person they had hoped for was in their midst, yet they persisted in their attempts to discredit Him. Mark Twain once said, “I am not troubled by the things in the Bible which I do not understand, but I am troubled by those things which I do understand and which I find very difficult to measure up to.