The Great Divide, Part 2

Luke 10:30-33, 33 But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was. And when he saw him, he had compassion

The road from Jerusalem to Jericho harbored thieves and danger. The identity of the man, who fell among the thieves, is not disclosed; Not a word about his rank, descent, or religion. I believe Jesus left all that out for a reason. Interestingly enough, He makes reference to the individuals who did not help, that is a priest vs. 31, and a Levite vs. 32. The priest passed on the other side to avoid him and the Levite somehow stopped to look then moved on.

The wounded was helped by a stranger. He had compassion (empathy). When we lack empathy over the hurting and try to find other reasons to condemn, that’s an issue. If you can be more passionate and vocal over the destruction of properties, but silent over the injustice of the lives of another human being wounded or taken, that’s an issue (and all kinds of evil must be called out). I will not infuse race here, but infuse injustice over any human despite their color.

It is the duty of us all, in our places, and according to our ability, to succor, help, and relieve all that are in distress and necessity. The great divide is seen when we behave like the priest or the Levite who looks and sounds good by titles but stink at being filled with compassion. “…There’s a bridge to cross the great divide, A way was made to reach the other side, The mercy of the Father, cost His Son His life, His love is deep, His love is wide. There’s a cross to bridge the great divide” (from a song by Point of Grace). Paul had one simple encouragement to 3 churches he wrote to:  “bear one another’s burden” (Gal 6:2, Eph 4:2, Col 3:13). To be continued.

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Thank you Evans. This was a wonderful message for the season we are going thru.

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