The Bridge To The Great Divide

Luk 10:36 So which of these three do you think was neighbor to him who fell among the thieves?” 37 And he said, “He who showed mercy on him.” Then Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise.”

The well-versed lawyer was skewed and ignorant in his thinking concerning the idea of a neighbor. His childhood may have had influence in forming his worldview perspective. The man had misguided ideologies spewed by his people, but the great teacher gently shined the light in His dark heart and taught him by sharing something he could relate to. Jesus for the most part would rush to proceed onward from the prideful, however not with this lawyer. He patiently corrected His theology. In the end, Jesus posed a question to him to see who of the 3 would be a true neighbor, his response “one who showed mercy”, he would not even refer to him as the Samaritan as Jesus did, still, Jesus said, “Go and do likewise”. This life was working progress as that of Peter.

The main purpose, then, is to show how far off men may be, and yet be neighbors and how good teaching is key in bringing understanding, correction, healing, and restoration. The nation has not yet learned the deep, simple truth of this parable. This is why we need leaders with the heart of a teacher, first to empathize with the hurting and the misguided, and with the biblical gospel, address the culture and set the cross as the bridge to the great divide. Christian love must know no narrow bounds of race or sect. The love will not deny the distinctions. It will not utilize the distinctions as weapons for the division. God made us all uniquely different so that we can find solidarity in diversity through the power of the cross.

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Good neighborliness is in action. In provision and showing mercy. In deed. It’s not lip service. God himself and through Jesus showed that they care about us through actions. We can indeed be neighbors with other people in other countries by caring and praying for them.

Amen. Jesus washed the disciples feet knowing that one would betray him, the other deny him, and the rest would abandon Him. John 13:1, “…Having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end.” that is faithfulness, that is love committed

This devotion is our prayer, it is our hope, and hope is found in Jesus. We pray that the church arise and be the love and action of Christ. I am beginning to believe that this is becoming a deafening sound to our nation! Well said, Evans!

Amen Donna, Jesus said my house shall be called a house of prayer. I have seen prayers bring people together and unified them for one purpose of looking to God for help. In that unity we realized how we need each other in this journey looking to one Father, our Father.

This is wonderful Evans. I can remember as a young girl how kids and adults rejected my brother not because he was black but handicap. It was sad and I raced after the kids. When jon was young a kid made fun of his lip and I was so angry. I tried to talk to him but I was not kind. There have been times I did shy away from someone due to color if they were begging . So we are all sinners oh the grace of God. Let us love people.

Amen. That is the sad truth, when people are different from us in one way or another, there is something within us that wants us to treat them differently but God. Jesus was the perfect example, he received those that were considered rejects. He had compassion on them. brethren need each other now more than ever.

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