Salvation By His Works

Eph 2:1-4, 1 And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins,

Paul declares that both Jews and Gentiles were spiritually dead and he calls to attention how in vs 2&3. In all truth, dead people cannot resurrect themselves, a person or thing outside of themselves makes this possible. He, therefore, declares the spiritual resurrection of the saints by pronouncing the work of God, “…This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent.“, Joh 6:29.

This lifting up from death to a new life is due to God rich in mercy and that is because of His great love in which He loved us even when we were dead in sin made us alive (vs. 4). To be born again, therefore, means there is a death, death of the old, and made alive of the new. It is not improving or repairing of the old, it is recreating into a new being. Jesus in John 3 uses the term born again (impartation of life) Paul uses death to life.

Jesus went to Lazarus home not to improve him but make him alive. Dead Lazarus was in the grave decaying. No measure of spices could make him smell good leave alone make him alive. Jesus’ love for Lazarus and his sisters brought him to their home to raise Lazarus. They did not come to Jesus, Jesus came to them. This is so true, “Jesus Christ did not come to make bad people good, but to make dead people alive” (Ravi Zacharias), this is the work of God.

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