Rod Of God In Your Hand

Exo 4:1-2, 1 Then Moses answered and said, “But suppose they will not believe me or listen to my voice; suppose they say, ‘The LORD has not appeared to you.’” 2 So the LORD said to him, “What is that in your hand?” He said, “A rod.”

One individual, Moses, had enough to work with. We commonly have a multitude of excuses for not doing what God expects of us. We need trust in greater things before we can begin achieving God’s work. We overlook what God has given us to kick us off. The Lord will consistently allude to what he has set in our grasp.

In light of God’s call to lead Israel from Egypt, Moses presumed that nobody would tune in, trust him or pay attention to him. At that point we see God not giving him a military, or even most recent weapons, just a rod of a shepherd in his grasp. This is what he used with Jethro’s herd in the desert. A rod used in the past to lead sheep, God utilized while in Moses’ hands to exhibit His capacity to free the Israelites. It was currently alluded to as the rod of God(Exo 4:2).

You and I may dismiss doing God’s work because the rod we have in our hands appears nonessential but God wants to utilize what’s in your hand. When was the last time you prayed, “Lord you have favored me with unimaginable grace beyond measure, what do you require of me as an accommodation to you with the rod in my hands?” One of my prayers for young people is that they waste not their youth by doing nothing for the Lord.

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When God assigns us purpose, our test for faith begins. Without reference Abraham was able to pass the test. When in the assignment given by God everything else can be used to have the assignment accomplished, faith is key,action is evidence.

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