He That Restores Me

Psa 23:3 He restores my soul; …(a)

A believer has 3 stages of life: Justification, Sanctification and Glorification. Justification: saved from the Penalty of sin. Sanctification: being saved from the Power of sin. Glorification: to be saved from the Presence of sin.

Sanctification (purification) is where we all are with God working in us. It’s the pruning process and the Jeremiah 18 experience in the potter’s house. Sanctification involves restoration. Those He loves, He corrects (Pro 3:12, Heb 12:6). Parents are not considered hateful if they discipline their children for wrong doing. They love them enough to want to restore value, dignity, respect etc. Restoration is to bring back to former, original, or normal condition; it is vital.

No creature will lose itself sooner than a sheep. The best saints are sensible of their proneness to go astray like lost sheep (Psa 119:176); they miss their way, and turn aside into wrong paths. God shows them their error, gives them repentance, and brings them back to their duty again. He restores their soul for without it we would wander endlessly and be undone.